Regenerative cartridge of breathing apparatus

Short description of method, technique, process etc., main features: regenerative cartridge of breathing apparatus contains compartments filled with oxygen-containing granules of the product in the regulated amount, pipes, dust filters. The design features allow you to optimize temperature control cartridge and extend its protective effect by changing the speed of chemisorption of carbon dioxide.

Novelty of the product: the novelty of the design lies in the simplicity of achieving reliability through optimization of cartridge temperature regimes and increases the duration of protection.

Relevance: the reliability increase of regenerative cartridges of breathing apparatus is an important task, which determines the range of respiratory protection equipment of this type.

Advantages over the counterparts: in comparison with the existing analogues this product has demonstrated bigger reliability and longer protective action.

Purpose: regenerative cartridges are included in the design of self-contained breathing apparatus which is widely used in the military detachments multifrequency network, chemical, construction, iron and steel industry, in all areas where emergency situations for self-rescue can happen.

Range of application: health and safety, emergency, army.

Main technical-economical indicators: increase of the protective action is approximately 30%, moreover, the usage of this design is very effective in medium and heavy breathing conditions.

Protection document: a utility model patent BY № 2775 "Regenerative cartridge of breathing apparatus" registered 02.25.2013

Sort of exhibit (presentation of the product on exhibition): handbill.

Place of product implementation (name of organization): possible introduction of any enterprise construction, chemical, metallurgical industry, as well as in the armed forces and units of the multifrequency network.

Supposed forms of collaboration: Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, a division of the multifrequency network

Prospective forms of cooperation: research and industrial cooperation.


Polotsk State University

211440, Novopolotsk, Blohin Street, 29

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Supervisor - Ehilevsky Stepan G., doctor tech. Science., prof.

Graduate student - Olshannikov Sergey